Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the project.

After much ado and hesitation, I am finally here to present to you:

Remind you of Julie and Julia? That's because that's where I got this whole crazy idea.
While I have lower expectations for myself and don't think this will change my life the way it changed Julia's, it is the same basic plan.

By the end of 2011, I'll have baked 100 recipes that I haven't baked before. I can't afford baking and pastry school (and probably couldn't get in), so I've decided to become my own teacher. There are technically only 306 days left in the year, and I've only got 96 more recipes to go, but I decided to include January, February, and my 4 previous creations into the project. 

Most of my recipes will fall under the following categories:

I know there are way too many logistics but, as an engineer's daughter, I had to go through all of this in my head before making it public. And now you get to hear about all of it!

Any recipe suggestions? Please send them my way at brestutz {at} gmail . com.

Hopefully in the end, it will turn into a small but beautiful cookbook.


  1. I have a pie suggestion. It is super easy, won't break your budget, and yummy!

  2. oh and I am wondering, do you have it has to be made from scratch? And only from the above categories? Just thinking.

  3. I just want you to know that I LOVE this blog. It's such a great idea. And tonight I am making the pretzels. :) I got a bajillion cookbooks for my wedding so I'm going to round up some recipes that look challenging and send them your way. You are a pro! I'm seriously so scared to make the pretzels. Yeast and I don't get along very well. But, I can't TOTALLY mess it up, right? Love you Bre! I miss you like crazy and think about you often!